‘Zero Waste’ Gift Set – Blue


These gift sets are a perfect way to start your Zero Waste journey. Each set contains 1 set of 6 facial wipes, 1 Soap Saver bag and 1  ‘Tawashi’ sponge.

Hand crocheted from high quality 100% Organic Cotton.

The wipes are perfect for gentle makeup removal.

The Soap Saver bag is ideal for popping all those little ‘ends of soap’ in and using in exactly the same way as a bar of soap. Alternatively, it can be used to put a whole bar of soap in for using in the shower or bath. They are also very good for people with dexterity problems who have difficulty holding a slippery bar of soap.

The Tawashi sponge is great for gentle exfoliating face cleansing.

Perfect to use with the handmade soaps and facial bars from http://www.thatsoap.eu

Soap Saver bag approximately 9cm x 11cm

Facial Wipes approximately 8cm diameter

Tawashi approximately  9cm diameter

Hand Crocheted


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